The Global Public Policy Network on Water Management (GPPN) is a joint partnership of Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and Stockholm International Water Institute.

The GPPN works with global stakeholders to identify key priorities for the international water and sanitation agenda and communicate those priorities to decision-makers. The GPPN works specifically to promote progressive and informed policy on water and sanitation, and identify international and intergovernmental fora where stakeholders can leverage change. 



GPPN and GWP side event at the COP-15 negotiations

Bridging the Water and Climate Agendas Side Event, 9th November 

The GPPN in partnership with Global Water Partnership hosted a side event outlining the core priorities for water in relation to the negotiations, with contributions. You can view a webcast of the event presented by UNFCCC here

GPPN launches report for Copenhagen Climate Change Negotiations

Water World: Why the global climate challenge is a global water challenge

 The GPPN has launched a report for Copenhagen  tomake the case for water as a critical consideration for climate change in the broader context of the UNFCCC, up to and beyond COP15. It has taken the six themes that were covered during the Water Day on 3rd November during the UNFCCC negotiations in Barcelona, addressing water as a cross-cutting consideration in response to climate change: Water and Livelihoods, Water and Land, Water and Transboundary Resource Management, Water and Water and Energy, and Water and Gender.


This report intends to provide a briefing of some of the critical considerations in each of these areas, identifying key messages and why they are relevant to the UNFCCC. It is hoped that it will provide a helpful resource for decision-makers and negotiators as they begin to elaborate details on a shared vision and co-ordinated response to the climate change challenge.


Water Day, 3rd November

The GPPN, in association with UN Water, is hosted  "Water Day" at the forthcoming Climate Change negotiations in Barcelona. More..

The Water Day PRESS RELEASE can be downloaded here.  

For journalists and media professionals please see our media advisory and press pack for more information on Water Day.



GPPN Podcasts, 2nd- 6th November

The GPPN will be producing a series of live audio podcasts as part of its water advocacy activities at the UNFCCC negotiations in Barcelona.  The podcasts will be focusing specifically on the role that water plays in adapting to climate change. Come listen in to our radio programmes...




UN Water produces One-Pager on Water and Climate

UN Water has put together a short paper outlining the core priorities for water and climate change adaptation, which will be officially launched at the Water Day. Moreā€¦