Water Day

The GPPN in partnership with UN Water present "Water Day" on the 3rd of November to run alongside the UNFCCC meeting taking place in Barcelona.

On 3rd November  ‘Water Day’ was held alongside the Climate Change negotiations in Barcelona. The day was being convened by the  (GPPN) - a partnership of Stakeholder Forum and Stockholm International Water Institute  – in collaboration with UN Water

 The day set out to show that water is a critical and cross-cutting concern for climate change adaptation and mitigation. There were six sessions which  focused on climate change and a range of water-related issues: Water and Livelihoods; Water, Ecosystems and Forests; Water and Land; Water and Regional/transboundary cooperation; Water and Land; Water and Gender; Water and Energy.

The  "Water Day" sessions were recorded and you can hear them below, read the final agenda list of participants here


Opening Session: Audio recording of introductory session you can view Hannah Stoddart of the GPPNs presentation here

Water and Livelihoods: Implications for water and sanitation service delivery and poverty alleviation  Audio recording of panel discussion 1, view Guy Howards Powerpoint here and Joseph Halder here

Water and Ecosystems: Ecosystem-based adaptation, and sustainable development  Audio recording of panel discussion 2 view Mark Smiths from IUCN Powerpoint here and Peter Holmgren from FAOs here

Water and Regional/Transboundary Cooperation:  Regional cooperation and transboundary water management Audio recording of panel discussion 3 view Ania Grobicki of the Global Water Partnerships Presentation here

Water and Land: Building on the Nairobi Principles Audio recording of panel discussion 4 view the Land and Water Dialogue video here

Water and Gender: Audio recording of panel discussion 5

Water and Energy: Water implications from mitigation actions; non-water energy sources as an adaptation action Audio recording of panel discussion 6

Closing Session: Audio recording of closing session


The session brought together water experts and advocates from across the governmental, non-governmental and intergovernmental spheres – including UN Water, the Global Water Partnership, WWF, IUCN, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Freshwater Action Network (FAN) and many more.

The day set out to build further support for a Copenhagen outcome that clearly recognises the importance of water for tackling climate change, and includes strong and action-orientated text to this end. The day also stimulated discussion on the post-Copenhagen international policy agenda on water and climate change.

The format was an interactive dialogue discussion, in which a lead speaker will gave a 10 minute presentation on the issues, followed by a moderated discussion with a panel of experts, then followed by a dialogue with the floor.

"Water Day" will take place at the FIRA Congress Hotel which is located opposite the main entrance to the conference centre in which the UNFCCC negotiations will be taking place.

José Agustín Goytisolo, 9-11
08908 Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona

Please see the Map below for location